John 1:1 & the Love of God

The burning question in my mind since the first time I opened my door to a friendly team of Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was about 20 years old is this: Why do they work SO hard to minimize Jesus? Why are they so offended at the idea that God would become man? What is their motive?

Consider these passages:

John 1:1 • …In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Continue reading


Pit to Palace

Well, it’s finally here! The list price is $12, but our bookstore sells it for 20% off, plus tax. Currently, the best way to get a copy is to stop by the Calvary Chapel of Oxnard bookstore and get one in person. If you don’t live nearby, I will be posting an order form shortly. Until then, contact me! I’ll mail you a copy.

Pit to Palace Front Cover

Pit to Palace Back Cover